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BDK deep dive @ MIT Bitcoin expo

A talk on Bitcoin wallets: what they are, how difficult it is to build one, and what tools can be of help (spoiler: rust-bitcoin, rust-miniscript, BDK).

Bitcoin technical fundamentals @ The Bitcoin Way

A talk on the technical fundamentals of Bitcoin.

Part 1 is focused on trying to invent digital money: we start from a quite broken idea, creating a central entity currency, and try to improve it. This part introduces the fundamental concepts behind Bitcoin: public keys, PoW, difficulty adjustments.

In part 2 we explain with more detail keys, wallets, coins, transactions, blocks, miners.

Life is short, Bitcoin is forever (a kinda-transcript)

Paralelni Polis organized a Pizza Day conference! It was short and sweet, less than 48 hours long, but a really nice occasion to meet with fellow bitcoiners and get drunk eat pizza!

I gave a pretty sad talk about death, but people seemed to enjoy it, for some reason. I decided to write a kinda-transcript around the slides, so I could share the sorrow with everyone who opened my blog, instead of limiting it to the Pizza Day participants. Pretty altruistic if you ask me.

BDK primer @ Miami

I was at talking about BDK - exploring why it’s so hard to build wallets from scratch, and how BDK (and other tools) might help.

The talk was not recorded, but you can find slides here.

Thanks Jeremy for having me!

Mining For Beginners @ Shoes in Bitcoin

Mining explained in simple terms, suitable for beginners and non-technicals.

You can find my talk here, and the slides here.

Thanks Shoes in Bitcoin for having me!

Mining overview + Stratum V2 @ Bitcoin Munich

A little introduction on what’s mining followed by an in-depth explanation of the Stratum V2 protocol.

Here’s the link to the meetup, and here’s the Youtube stream.

Thanks Bitcoin Munich for having me!

Stratum V2 @ BitcoinDevsLa

A in depth-explanation of the Stratum V2 protocol - oh, and also, my first public talk! 🎉

Here you can watch the full episode.

Thanks BitcoinDevsLa for having me!