Featured image of post BDK deep dive @ MIT Bitcoin expo

BDK deep dive @ MIT Bitcoin expo

A talk on building Bitcoin wallets

A talk on Bitcoin wallets: what they are, how difficult it is to build one, and what tools can be of help (spoiler: rust-bitcoin, rust-miniscript, BDK).

I also give an overview of the current state of BDK, and the goals we have in mind for the 1.0 release.

The talk was recorded and streamed on the MIT Bitcoin expo website. You can find the streaming here - I’m on track A, day 2, time 05:07:00.

Here is an embed of my slides. I know they might not be easy to navigate, so, just to be clear: the down arrow lets you move between the slides of a “chapter”, while the right arrow lets you move between chapters. So you should always click the down arrow when it’s available, and when it’s not, use the right arrow to move to a new chapter.

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